Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lime Rock - Raceday!

July 18, 2009

4:52 - Checkered flag. Joerg Bergmeister and Patrick Long win in GT2 at Lime Rock. Four races in a row for the No. 45! The No. 44 is seventh. Congratulations to the Lizards for a great race. See you all in a few weeks at Mid-Ohio! *** Jennifer

4:48 - Incident in Turn 3 - the No. 21 and one of the Mazdas - one of the cars is stopped. Hopefully no yellow.

4:42 - Positions: P1 No. 45; P2 No. 62; P3 No. 90; P4 No. 87; P5 No. 18. No. 44 has moved into P7. 10 minutes left. Joerg is 33 seconds ahead of the No. 62.

4:33 pm - Joerg is now 31 seconds ahead of the No. 62 which is in second. 18 minutes left to go. Joerg and Jaime Melo in the No. 62 are running a similar pace. If there are no yellows, and nothing happens, the No. 62 cannot catch us before the end of the race. However, if there is a yellow, that would give the No. 62 an opportunity to close the gap. In the No. 44 Johannes is now P8. He is 11 seconds behind the No. 11 car and should catch them before the end of the race.

4:31 - Clean pit stop for the No. 45 - tires, fuel, no driver change. Joerg retains the lead.

4:30 - Positions: P1 No. 45; P2 No. 62; P3 No. 90; P4 No. 87; P5 No. 21. The No. 44 is P8. Joerg is 20 seconds ahead of the No. 62. We will pit again for tires and fuel. Risi will also need to pit - yes, they are in the pits, but are doing fuel only, no tires. They are taking a chance to double stint in the hopes of gaining time to close the gap to us. We will do tires. The No. 62 just received a penalty - + 18 in pit lane. That's a stop and go. Definitely some luck for us. We'll be able to do fuel and tires and get back out in front of them.

4:13 - Joerg radios in that he was being held up by a slow prototype.

4:10 - Positions: P1 No. 45; P2 No. 62; P3 No. 90; P 4 No. 87; P4 No. 21. Joerg has widened the gap a bit to the No. 62 and is 19 seconds ahead.

4:03 - Jaime Melo has now closed the gap to 15 seconds. If they continue at this pace, he could close the gap to Joerg before the end of the race. We have 47 minutes left to go. Cloud cover has moved in so we are having intermittent internet issues. When - if you lose radio connection, just reconnect the session.

4:00 - Johannes radios in that his drinking water is not plugged in, but we won't be able to do anything about it unless there is an unplanned stop.

3:55 - The No. 45 is by the Panoz now and he's back on the pace. the No. 92 BMW, which had been in fourth, is in the pits with an apparent problem, up on its jack stands. This moves the No. 87 into fourth. Positions: P1 No. 45; P2 No. 62; P3 No. 90; P4 No. 87; P4 No. 21. No. 44 P10. just under 1 hour left in the race. Joerg is 17 seconds ahead of the No. 62 Risi Ferrari which is in second.

3:51 - Joerg is behind the No. 21 Panoz on course, which is on a fast pace but is 2 laps down or so. Joerg's working to find a way to get by the No. 21. Joerg is plus 20 seconds to the No. 62 in second. Positions: P1 No. 45; P2 No. 62; P 3 No. 92; P4 No. 90; P5 No. 87. The No. 44 is P10. Joerg is stuck behind the Panoz and can't get by. Meanwhile, the No. 62 is running a very fast pace and is slowly closing the gap to Joerg.

3:47 - The No. 90 overtook the No. 62 to retake P3. But then was caught in traffic and went off course, luckily without impacting any other cars - spinning deep into the gravel -he was able to continue and has rejoined. The No. 62 is back in P2. Joerg still P1; Johannes P10.

3:45 - Positions: P1 No. 45; P2 No. 62; P3 No. 90; P4 No. 92; P4 No. 87. The No. 45 is 1 minute and 20 seconds ahead of the No. 62. The Panoz had spun on track and was attempting to restart as cars weaved around him - the No. 18 Vici car apparently hit him on track.

3:40 - No. 44 is in the pits. Tires, fuel, driver change to Johannes van Overbeek. The No. 44 is currently in tenth.

3:34 - No. 44 just got hit in the right front - he'll pit and they'll check out the car, driver change to Johannes van Overbeek, tires and fuel. Positions: P1 No. 45; P2 No. 90; P3 No. 62; P4 No. 92; P5 No. 21. No. 44 is P10.

3:20 - Green flag. 1.5 hours left to go. Joerg is still P1. The No. 45 should be good to go for the rest of the race. He now has a large gap to the next closest GT2 car, the No. 90.

3:17 - Joerg pits in the No. 45 for more fuel. Still yellow.Joerg was able to retain the lead. Positions: P1 No. 45; P2 No. 62; P3 No. 92; P4 No. 90; P4 No. 21; P5 No. 87. Most of the rest of the GT2 pack pitted at the end of that yellow.

3:12 - The No. 45 is in the pits. Fuel, tires, driver change to Joerg Bergmeister. the No. 45 was the first of the lead GT2 cars (those who have not already pitted) to pit. It was a short fuel, so Joerg may pit again under yellow for fuel. Joerg was out of the pits before the overall leader and retained the lead.

3:10 - Pits are open. The No. 45 will pit this lap. No. 44 will stay out. Still yellow.

3:07 - Still yellow, pits are closed, Thomas Blam notified us that the No. 45 will pit for fuel, tires and driver change to Joerg Bergmeister when the pits are open again. A bit earlier than we had planned.

3:05 pm - Seth reported in that tires are in the track. Course is yellow. Crew is getting ready - not sure if we will pit under this yellow or not. Looks like it was the No. 47 Orbit Racing Porsche which had the impact withthe tire wall, since we can see it sitting in pit lane and steaming.

3:02 - The No. 16 Mazda is slow on course - unclear what the issue is.

3:00 - We are getting close to our driver changes - under 20 minutes. Just under 2 hours left in the race. P1 No. 45; P2 No. 62; P3 No. 92; P4 No. 90; P 5 No. 21. Patrick in the No. 45 is six seconds ahead of the No. 62. The No. 16 Challenge car just went off track into the grass.

2:55 - The No. 40 appears to have exited the pits prematurely in their pit stop minus one wheel. the crew pushed them back and they have fixed the problem.

Our radio broadcast is working now.

2:53 - Patrick radioed in that the tire wall has been pushed into the chicane. We may go yellow if they need to repair it. Looks like Wolf Henzler's belts may not be tight which would mean he would need to come in again to secure them. Patrick in the No. 45 still P1. Crews are getting ready in case course goes yellow.

2:41 - The Vici Porsche had a big off into the grass but continued. Patrick now has a 6 second gap ahead of the No. 62 wihch is in P2. The No. 87 Farnbacher Loles Porsche, which had fallen back several positions over the last few minutes, is in pit lane for driver change to Wolf Henzler.

2:49 - Radio is working now. To listen go to and click on the Follow the Race Tab.

2:46 - patrick has a nice gap now in front of the No. 62. Positions: P1 No. 45; P2 No. 62; P3 No. 92; P4 No. 40; P4 No. 90. No. 44 is P10.

2:40 - Patrick retains the lead. We are just over 30 minutes into the race. We are having some technical issues with our radio broadcast - we hope to have it fixed shortly. If you can't get on, try it again in a few minutes.

2:35 - the No. 90 went off and has fallen back to P7. Positions: P1 No. 45; P2 No. 62; P 3 No. 92; P4 No. 87; P5 No. 40. No. 44 is P10.

2:30 - Patrick passed the No. 62 to take the lead. Positions P1 No. 45; P2 No. 62; P3 No. 90; P4 No. 92; P5 No.87. No. 44 is P10.

2:23 on - The front four GT2 cars remain unchanged - P1 No. 62; P2 No. 45; P3 No. 90; P4 No. 92. All four are running nose to tail. The No. 62 and No. 45 are on a faster pace and build a gap between the BMWs, but then hit traffic and they bunch up again. Patrick is putting pressure on the No. 62 but has not been able to pass.

2:16 pm - Some incredible racing going on right now as Patrick attempts to pass the No. 62 while they are both passing slower cars and being passed by the overall leaders. Cars are three abreast in some of the turns. Patrick has not yet been able to pass the Ferrari. He is building a gap from the BMWs in P3 and P4, but that gap gets closed again everytime they hit traffic.

2:15 pm - The lead GT2 cars are coming up on the slower challenge cars already and will have to thread through them, while still avoiding the faster prototypes which will be passing them on the very narrow circuit. No. 45 P2; No. 62 P1. No 90 P3. No. 92 P4. No. 40 P5. No. 44 is P10.

2:11 am - No. 62 retains the lead, with Patrick in second, the No. 90 BMW in P3 and the No. 92 in P4. The four GT2 cars have built up a gap from the rest of the GT2 field. Patrick is working to stay close to the No. 62 and build a gap from the BMWs.

2:08 - Green flag. In the No. 45, Patrick held P2 on the start and he is close behind the No. 62 which was on the pole. The GT2 front pack is very tight together. Both BMWs are right behind Patrick.

2:06 - No start - not sure what happened but there was no green flag.

2:03- Cars are underway. 2 pace laps.

2:00 pm -Engine start - there are 2 pace laps before the green flag. We are starting 2nd and tenth in GT2. Patrick Long is starting in the No. 45 and Seth Neiman in the No. 44.

1:58 pm - National anthem is playing - just a few minutes until engine start.

1:30 pm ET - Good afternoon from Lime Rock Park. Pit lane is open and the cars are heading onto the track for their recon lap. Pit lane exit is open for only five minutes - cars must exit the pits and make their way to the grid.

Once on the track for the recon lap, the cars will then grid for race start, or if there is an issue, they may return to the pits for repairs. Once the pit exit closes any cars not on the grid must start from pit lane.

** Reminder - we are broadcasting our team radio for the race. To listen to go the "Follow the Race" tab at **

10:25 - Checkered flag on the morning warmup. All went well in the session for the Lizards. Joerg was P1 in the session, Seth was P8. We'll do some pit stop practice in pit lane, then head back to the paddock for final prep before this afternoon's race. See you back here about 1:30 pm ET ** Jennifer **

10:15 - No. 44 pits for fuel, No. 45 for driver change to Joerg Bergmeister. Joerg will drive to the end of the session.

10:12 - Green flag. It is starting to warm up a bit but it's still pretty wet out there.

10:08 - A car is off - not sure if it's the No. 45 or another car. Red flag. No - it was the No. 40 which went off. No. 45 and No. 45 are both back in the pits waiting for the green.

10:05 - We should get started shortly. This is the final warmup session prior to the race, which starts at 2:05. Patrick Long is in the No. 45 and Seth Neiman in the No.44. We had torrential rain last night so everything is very, very wet. There is a lot of standing water on the track. Patrick just radioed in that there's a stream of water down the track - it's like ice. The session is twenty minutes.

*** Radio Broadcast - we are broadcasting our team radio for the warmup and race - to listen click on the "Follow the Race" tab at ***

9:50 am ET - Good morning from Lime Rock. Our morning warmup session is delayed this morning - we should get started about 10:15 or so.